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Community Groups

People drive distracted every day in every community across the country. Be a safety advocate for your friends, family, and neighbors:

Get the Distracted Driving Campaign Starter Kit
Download the campaign starter kit to get all the information you need to create partnerships, work with the media, and raise awareness about distracted driving in your community.
Support Local Distracted Driving Laws
Find out if your state or city has distracted driving laws in place. Support the adoption and enforcement of texting and cell phone bans.
Make Your Voice Heard
Run pledge drives in your community to help spread the word about distracted driving. Write an op-ed for your local newspaper.

PSAs & Videos

  • Emoji (:30)
  • Manifesto (:30)
  • Impact Tyler Story (:30)
  • Liz Marks (:30)
  • Calling Plan
  • Get The Message

For more short clips on distracted driving to share with others, please visit our YouTube channel.

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Social Media Posts


Some of these materials are available in Spanish to support your outreach, education, and awareness efforts. Click here to see the Spanish versions.